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Medal of honor is the highest award given usually to a soldier for heroic acts in the U.S. . Other countries have different names fo their own highest award.
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Medal of honor winners?

Total number of winners 3468. It has been steadly harder to win, InCivil War they issued 1522. In WW2 - 464, Korea - 133, Vietnam -246and between the Iraq and Afgan War so far

Medal of honor heroes?

yep they made medal of honor heroes.... they have Medal of Honor heroes for the psp and they also have Medal of Honor heroes 2 for the wii and the psp!

What is the Medal of Honor?

It is the Medal of Honor that is presented to a person, regardless if they are alive or dead for acts of Bravery, Heroism, and Valor.. As with so much other USA symbolism, th

Is Medal of honor inappropriate?

medal of honor is inappropriate for children under 10,Because it is so intense and little kids under 10 don't understand.

Will medal of honor be rated t?

no it is rated M because of blood gore intense violence and strong language. I know it sucks because i wanted to get but i saw gamestop and it was really bad and the blood i