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The name hydrogen comes from the Greek hydro (water) and genes (creator), making hydrogen literally mean water-maker. This name is appropriate since the combustion of hydrogen with oxygen creates the life sustaining substance we all love: H2O.
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Does 'organic' mean that it contains hydrogen?

Organic compounds are most compounds that contain carbon. There are some carbon compounds, such as carbon dioxide, that are inorganic. Thus, a more specific definition is that

What does it mean to hydrogenate peanut oil?

Some oils have unsaturated double bonds in their carbon chain; that  is, these carbons aren't holding the maximum amount of hydrogen  atoms they can. Hydrogenation is the pr

What does hydrogenation of fat mean?

A number of natural fats contain double bonds. Adding hydrogen to those bonds changes them to single bonds. That raises the temperature at which the fat will burn during the c

What does mm of hydrogen gas mean?

You are misreading it, it is mm of Hg. This means millimeters of Mercury. It is a way of measuring atmospheric pressure. It can be converted to other units as well such as k

What does hydrogenated oil mean?

Hydrogenated oil is made by forcing hydrogen gas into oil at high pressure. Both animal and vegetable fats can be and are hydrogenated. In general, the more solid the oil is,