Materials used to seal joints steam pipes?

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it will be depend on the application, however following material are generaly used for pipe sealing -asbestos sheed - PTFE -composite sheet(Rubber+asbestos)
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What kind of pipes are used for steam lines?

Answer . Heavy weight mild steel with screwed fittings bspt.. Answer . Normally galvanized pipes are not used for steam. Mild steel with screwed or welded fittings are

Why use steam trap in pipe line?

To keep the steam in the system and allow the cooler condensate to return to the boiler to be reheated and start the cycle all over again

Why steam trap is used in piping?

Steam is produced in Boilers of suitable design depending upon the requirement. Due to heat loss in the system due to various reasons steam is likely to lose the heat and slow

What is common material used for insulating steam pipe line?

to make it insulated and rust free Gi spray is used. Fiberglass is easy to install and can be purchased in insulation sleeves. The insulation is comprised of inorganic

What materials are used as plumbing pipes?

Brass Yellow and Red Brass , copper type T.P K, L ,M , DWV galvanized ,yalloy, black steel ,wrought iron ,cast iron NH ,service weight, XH various thermo plastics This quest

Which type of joint is used in underground pipe?

There are many different kinds of underground pipes and each has their own way of joining to the next piece. Many will have a 'neck' that fits into a larger ring on the next p