Live in US since 1965 as permanent resident and Never renovated my green card and have and use a shortened version of my green card name on all documents can i apply now 2010 for citizenship?

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This is far too complicated and specific of a question to try to answer without appropriate legal counsel. You should speak with an immigration attorney in your jurisdiction.
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Who do you contact if you married an illegal alien but were used for a green card and you brought his daughter to the US and you have not seen them since but she has signed your name on documents?

Answer . First of all, how did an illegal obtain a green card?\nSecond, if you have not seen him or his daughter and she has forged your name on documents, contact the poli

My green card is about to expire should I applY for the us citizenship?

You can apply for naturalization if you are confident that you are eligible. It is not always in the best interest of a permanent resident to apply to become a naturalized

Can an overstayed visa alien marry a permanent resident and apply for a green card while in US?

You can get married, but from an immigration standpoint, it will not grant you legal status. If you are overstayed, you must leave the country and return LEGALLY in order to a

What countries do not require a visa for US permanent residents Green card holders?

country that do not required visa permanently out of the country resident greencardholder . Green Card . The "green card," which has not really been green-colored for ma

When can a green card holder apply for citizenship?

The applicant should be 18 years and older with green card for a period of minimum 5 years continuous physical residence. Its 3 years for those who have married a US citizen a

Can an alien who marries a US green card holder apply for a US green card?

Lawful Permanent Residents who got married before obtaining a Green Card are not required to file an Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse (or any children born bef