List the food which increase platelet count?

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sweet potatoe, brown rice, whole grainbread. lots od salad, fruits and vegetables
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Which foods can increase platelet levels?

Try Sweet Potato tops. Boil these leaves for 5 mins (add a pinch of salt for flavor) then drink the soup. The more concentrated, the better. You may also eat the cooked leaves

How do you increase low platelet count?

It can be the common thing in cancer patients. It would be better for low platelet count patient to eat green vegetables and food which generates blood. If you infuse the plat

How do you increase platelet counts?

Platelet counts can be increased through diet. There are severalfoods that can increase platelet counts, some of these foodsinclude kale, spinach, and tofu.

How can you increase your platelet count?

2 years before, even i suffered with the reduced platelets count. My platelet count was almost decresed to 40,000. But the only advise given by the doctors ar that time to con

Why do steroids increase platelet count?

Steroids inhibit the enzyme phospholipase a2 which is known to degrade platelet activating factor. So the degrading enzyme is inhibited and more PAF is allowed to be in the se

Ways to increase your platelet count?

One way of increasing the platelet count is taking medication for the blood. This is very effective medicine but there are also some situations that patient are not allowable
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What is in papaya that will increase platelet count?

I don't know what's in it that works, but it works. About a year ago my mom was searching for information on things I could eat to bring up my platelet count because I was mis
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What is the reason for sudden increase in platelet count?

Do to bone marrow failure my platelets are checked every few mos.My levels have been somewhat low - 95 as well as my RBC around 3.22- those are the numbers from Aug. 20/13, bu
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What harm is done if platelet count increases?

An increased platelet count can cause clots. These usually occur inthe veins. If a person has a hole between the chambers of the heart(about 10% do and don't know it), the clo