Length of high school swimming pool?

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There are many different lengths. Many pools are 25 yards long. Some can go up to 50 meter long.
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Are there any grants for a swimming pool for a high school or community?

The department of water and land conservation provides grant money in the form of a sharing type grant. 55/45. Go to www.nps.gov (National Park Service). There isn't a lot o

What is the length of a high school pool?

Generally 25 yards but it can be 50 yard or 50 meters. 50 meter pools are used in the long course season of club swimming. High school swimming would be done in a 25 yard pool

What are the dimensions of a High School Swimming pool?

I assume you are referring to American high school swimming. That being said, the standard course is short course yards (25 yards). That is about the only constant. There coul

What is the size of a high school swimming pool in ft?

There is no straight answer to this question. The size of the pool at any particular school would depend on the needs of that school, local laws and ordnances, the engineering