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No, it's just bad grammar. Bad, worse, the worst. Instead of worse, worser, worsest as most other superlatives follow, like green, greener, greenest or dry, drier, driest. Adjectives for good and bad do not follow this format.
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Is worser a word?

No. Worse is already the superlative for bad. So you don't need to add an r to it to make it a superlative. Worse is NOT superlative for bad...Instead it is COMPARATIVE to ba

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How do you spell worser?

There is no such term: "worse" is the comparative of the adjective bad . The superlative ( most bad ) is spelled worst .

Why is worser not a word?

Because "worse" is already the comparative form of "bad". Most comparatives in English are formed by adding the suffix "-er" to the adjective. But in the case of "good" and "b