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Is transmission of HIV a chain reaction?

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HIV Chain Reaction In that one person is infected by another, then infects a third person, who then goes on to infect another person, yes, HIV is a chain reaction. It is spread through human conctact and transmission of the virus through the blood and body fluids.
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What is a chain reaction?

A chain reaction is the continuation of a reaction initiated by the reaction itself. In some cases it is a closed reaction, where the repetition ends. In others, it will conti

Does syphilis increase the risk of HIV transmission?

Syphilis can cause open sores. That definitely increases the chances of infection.

What is the most common method of HIV transmission?

Unprotected sex accounts for the majority of new HIV infections. HIV is transmitted through contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk. While coming in contact wi

Does male circumcision prevent HIV transmission?

No, circumcision does NOT prevent the transmission of HIV. Condoms can dramatically reduce the chance of HIV transmission. There's some evidence that circumcised men face a

How can you prevent the transmission of HIV and AIDS?

Dont share liquids with any other person. These are some examples of ways you can get these deseases: Kissing, sexual behavore, drinking after another person, being "Blood bro

Who is at greatest risk for HIV transmission?

In terms of statistical risk generally homosexual populations in developed countries as well as drug users are at greater risk. In areas of high prevalence there is a risk to

Reaction to HIV and AIDS in adults?

they don't look to happy the ones that know they have it they try to be the somebody else but they survive if they believe in jesus and god thats the medicine

Vertical transmission of HIV?

This means mother to baby, before or after birth. This is the main reason why infected women should never get pregnant.

Method of transmission of HIV?

HIV is transmitted through blood, semen, breast milk, & otherbody fluids.