Is there bra size 12 dd?

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There should be a sz. 12 DD, I think bra sizes go up to an F anything past that your out of luck.

Edit: There definitely is size 12DD.
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What bra size is bigger D or DD?

Usually E, but it depends on what country the bra is from. In UK sizing, cup sizes are as follows: AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K. US sizing usu

Can a 15 year old have a DD bra size?

DD is the average cup size for an adult woman, so it is very possible for a 15 year old to be this size. Although the average woman wears a 36C bra, the true average is around

Im 13 and im a size DD bra is that bad?

Of course not a lot of girls your age have the same problem, it is all apart of genetics, that you can't control. so if people are making fun of you. you are doing nothing wro

You are 12 and your bra size is a 34c?

Well, for one thing, be confident. Most girls aren't very developed by that age and you should be proud and certain about your body.. Wear tops that compliment you. Do not we

How big is a bra size dd?

that will depend on the band size. The cup size only determines how far out the breast tissue goes, not the diameter of the breast. In general, a DD cup will be 4 1/2" bigger

What bra size is bigger 34 D or 34 DD?

The 34DD would be bigger by one cup size, which equals one inch. Someone whose ribcage equals 34 inches and their bust equals 39 inches would wear a 34DD, since there is a 4

Average bra size at age 12?

The size varies between people, but when i was twelve i was an 32A. It just depends on how your genes are. An average size would be 30 to 34 AA to B.

What bra size is bigger 42 dd or 40 H?

40H is bigger, 42 indicates a 38" backsize making the brest 4-5 inches away from the back making the chest a full 42-43" for a DD, a H cup is 9-10 inches away from the back li
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Average bra size of age 12?

Probably and A to a B but every body is different.....Genetics play a major role in the development of the body.