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Is there any way a man can increase his height after 25 years?

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Some people say you stop growing after 16 or after 20..but you could still have growth spurts in your mid 20s why not? At 25 years of age, all of the growth plates should have closed, so it is unlikely that one will grow more in height. None of the methods that have been tried, such as stretching, vitamins, and so on, have actually helped make people taller. You can certainly try simple things such as putting thicker insoles in your shoes, but as far as actually getting taller, it most likely won't happen.
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Is there any way to increase your height by supplements or naturally?

If you are simply a normal person who would like to become taller, then most likely no. If you are a midget, then most likely yes. See the related links.. http://en.wikipedia

What is the average height for a 25 year old man?

5'4 or less---Man, you are short 5'6-5'8---You're not a midget, but still below average 5'9-5'10---People say 5'11 is average for a man, and I agree, but if you are this heigh

I m 25 years old can i increase my height?

Unlikely. Some people need 1/2" to become a Fireman, etc., and they get measured in the early morning after spending a day in bed beuing stretched. What a hassle. Be happy wit

Is there any way to increase my height i am 26 years old and 5'3 tall?

Well, do you happen to have a severe case of scoliosis? I did and grew 2 inches within a 9 hour surgery where my spine was straightened as much as possible. It is still curved

How to increase height after 25 years?

A girl usually stops growing taller within a year After her period stabilizes. A guy usually stops growing after he's through going through puberty. So....wear shoes with heal

Is it possible to increase height after 25 years?

Depending on your posture you might be able to gain a little by standig up straighter, but apart from that the only other option is surgery.

Is there any way to increase the height of 17 years girl?

Stuff your shoes with a kleenex or 2 for added height. I havent done it but I hear it works. High Heels? Or try to work on your posture. Avoid horrizontal lines, for they ma