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Is there any naughty bear Easter eggs?

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yes in vampire level in golden edition in the water there will be a big sculpture of a uniebear then look to right and the a real body of a unibear
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Any ideas for easter egg hunt clues?

if its for young children like 3-6 yr olds then put them in obvious places (if the kids are 5-6 then make it a little harder7-10yr olds = Harder13+ = HARDER TO FIND PLACES - S

Are there any Easter Eggs on The Simpsons?

Yes.   The amount Maggie scans on the register, $847.63, is or was the  average cost to raise a child per month.   -   All the McBain clips if played in order for

Are there any Easter eggs in Google Earth?

Easter eggs (e.g., hidden features or messages) continue to befound in Google Earth. Flight simulator, for example, was one such "Easter egg" introducedin Google Earth versio

Is their any naughty bear glitches?

yes there are glitches i have the game every time there is a door it freezes for 2 seconds and then after the last door it freezes for both systems xbox and ps3

Are there any Easter eggs in camp rock 2?

Yes, I have found ONE. The part where Nick enters the classroom he will teach, he is in the position and the background is the same as the cover of the disc "Born in the USA"

Any Easter Eggs in the Princess and the Frog but Not from Eeggs?

Louis the alligator looks at one moment like Madame Mim from The Sword in the Stone, when he sticks his head through some cobwebs and parts them to the sides. I think it's dur

Are there any Easter eggs in YouTube?

Yes. I only found one so far but at least it's something. If you pause the video and press the arrow keys, you could play this snake game. The arrow keys are the controls and