Is there any good anime sites that arent blocked?

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If sites in a particular category are blocked by your school/workplace/library/parents, there's likely a reason for it, and finding similar sites that aren't blocked will just make them even more draconian (it's possible they could even switch from the usual "blacklist" filter to a "whitelist" filter, meaning you can ONLY visit sites they have specifically approved).
If "anime sites" are blocked for you, it's likely the person who is administering your computer or network has decided that's the way it should be. Your school's computers are there for you to do schoolwork, not to "waste time" looking at anime, for example.
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Is there any sites that aren't blocked?

Yes. There are lots of sites that aren't blocked. I can't answer questions about what may or may not be blocked from your school/library/workplace computers, because you thou

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