Is there a difference in a left kidney right kidney donation?

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Who can donate a kidney?

anyone who still has two, and is not overweight, has no cancer or high blood pressure! Improved Answer: There is more to it than that. A lengthy evaluation is given to the po

What is donating a kidney?

donating a kidney is when someone needs a kidney and you participate to go to surgery to remove you're kidney to give to the person in need. and you are left with one kidney b

What to do for donating a kidney?

Donating your organs are easy! 1.) you can go to your local dmv and get organ donor stickers! 2.) Tell your doctor you want to go on the list to donate organs! 3.) Ask

Why is the right kidney higher than the left kidney?

The right kidney sits under the liver, the largest internal organ. So it's lower down (2-8cm lower) than the left kidney which is under the spleen, a much smaller organ. The t

Why is the right kidney is lower than the left kidney?

Because the right kidney is just below the liver and left kidney below spleen. Liver being larger in size on right side pushes right kidney a little downward, but such an ac

Can you donate a kidney?

yes of course! Improved Answer: There is no "of course" about it. If someone has certain illnesses or infections they cannot donate. If there is family history of kidney prob

How can donate your kidney?

you can donate your kidney to people whom are suitable to have your kidney because organs cannot live for a long period of time without a body to be in. Every year each countr

Is your right kidney lower than your left kidney?

Yes. The right kidney sits under the liver while the left kidney is under the spleen, a much smaller organ. The right kidney is only lowered by 2-8cm from the left kidney's po
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Why the size of left kidney is greater than right kidney?

This may be related to the fact that the left kidney is consistently located higher in the abdominal cavity when compared to the right kidney. During development the liver (wh