Is there a cure for AIDS?

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There is currently no actual cure for AIDS, but there are drugs which are used to slow down the effects of AIDS. Unfortunately, it costs too much for the majority of people infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) to afford the drugs on their own.
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Does aids have a cure?

no there is no cure for aids but there is a treatment that helps it do less harm to ur body

What is the cure for AIDS?

There is no cure for AIDS, there has been only one person cured of HIV who was cured through intensive stem-cell treatment.

What are the cures for aids?

There is no cure.. You can only try to suppress it so that the patient will live longer. It will still kill them though in the end.

Is their a cure for aids?

Unfortunately their is no cure for aids. Fortunately a place in Miami had cured aids on some people. But their is still no cure because they are still testing this medicine. S

Will Aids Be Cured?

It probably can be already. One day the cure will be readily available its just a mater of time.

Is there a there a cure for AIDS?

No, there is no cure for AIDS. But there has been tremendous advances made in the treatment of AIDS that not only can prolong the patient's life a long time, but also greatly

Is there no cure for aids?

There is still NO cure for AIDS. Although scientists continue to research the disease, there isn't a vaccine yet either - and there probably won't be for another 10 or even 20

Do they have cure for AIDS?

There is currently no cure for AIDS or HIV virus infection. There are many anti-retroviral therapies that are incredibly successful in preventing HIV infection from transition