Is there a cheat to get ODST armor in Halo 3?

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No there isn't, the ODST is just a Helmet there is no body or shoulder to the armor. To get the helmet just play online until you get to the rank of private which can take as little as 4 games.
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Is there a cheat for all armor in Halo 3?

Sorry but there is no cheats on halo 3. The only way to get the armor is to earn it or be a l337 h4xor supermasterfighter:actually there is cheats for halo3 4 for halo3 on

Is there a cheat to get armor in Halo 3?

first of all i think the first guy is constanpated secondly there is a code but no one knows it exept one guy 1 type in type in the code for all halo3 armor there s

How do you get ODST armor on Halo 3?

You get the rank of 'Private' On Global ranks. ~Shadow-Siren-Vivian and to get characters for firefight do all the missions on normal ex- cluding Mombasa's streets

Is there a cheat to unlock armor for Halo 3?

No. There is no cheats or glitches to unlock anything in Halo 3. You cannot gamesave on Halo 3 either. Although there are no IN game glitches to unlock armor, you can use cer

Are there cheats for Halo 3 odst?

Sadly, No. There are secrets, like the skulls for example. The skulls are cheats, but there hidden through out the level, and some, you can only get on specific difficulties.

Are there any cheats on halo 3 odst?

yes there is a talking secret grant on the last level on you tube there is a video to show that here it is:
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How do you unlock more armor in Halo 3 odst?

Actually you don't unlock armor you unlock different characters and their armor. In order to do this you must complete the story of the game. Do this on any difficulty to unlo
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What are Halo 3 armor cheats?

Up Up Down Down Left Left Right Right A B A B. You have to do this about 50 times in perfect succession. Also works in REACH, but you have to be in a matchmaking game in any