Is there a celebration that starts with the letter L?

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Celebrities start with letter L?

Ladd, Alan . Lindsay Lohan . Lindsey Lohan . Lindsey Lohan, Jude Law, Bruce Lee, Christopher Lee, Jerd Leto, Daniel Day Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Jet Li, Ray Liotta, John Lithgow

What celebrity has a name that starts with the letter L?

Lindsay Lohan Queen Latifah Leonardo DiCaprio Jennifer Lopez Lucy Liu Luke Wilson Lance Armstrong Lisa Kudrow Angela Landsbury L L Cool J Lady Gaga Jay Leno Lance Reddick Lan

What celebrity names start with an L?

Lee Majors, Leonard Nimoy, Larry Linville, WHO R THEY?! i got sum 4 ya- lil mama, lindey lohan, lucas grabeel, luke from American idol this season, Lauren Conrad,

Celebrities that have a last name name starting with the letter l?

Ricky Lake, actress, talk show host Adam Lambert, Idol finalist Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress Ann Lamott, author Angela Landsbury, actress Demi Lavado, actress, Disney

Celebrities names starting with the letter L?

1. Lleyton Hewitt 2. Lindsay Lohan 3. Licoln Lewis 4. Lance Armstrong 5. Lacey Chabert 6. Lady Gaga 7. Lauren Conrad 8. Leighton Meester 9. Lara Bingle 10. Leanne Rhimes 11. L