Is the weasel a rodent?

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No, weasels are members of the Carnivora order, which are predatory meat-eating animals. Rodents are a group of gnawing, mostly omnivorous mammals, with their own Order, Rodentia.
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What is a weasel?

Weasel is a common name for about 12 species of mammals in the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. They are found throughout North America, Asia, Africa, South America, an

What is a rodent?

A rodent is an animal with two sharp, constantly growing incisors.These teeth are kept short by gnawing. Rodents include rats, mice,hamsters and gerbils. They are mostly very

What are rodents?

The simple answer is- a rodent is a small furry animal with two large incisor teeth. They are mostly onmivorous. 40% of all animals are rodents. Here is the complex answer;

What is rodent?

Any of various mammals of the order Rodentia which have two pairs of continuously growing and self-sharpening teeth.

What is a weaseler?

When inserted into a claim, weaselers give the claim's author a way out in case the claim is challenged. Examples include the use of "perhaps", "maybe", or "if you agree or no

Who are rodents?

Rodents are mammals that have a single pair of incisors in theupper and lower jaws that continuously grow. They are warm bloodedand furry animals. Rodents include mice, rats,

What are weaselers?

an extreme case of qualification in which the apparent meaning is not intended after all.

How do you get a weasel?

You go to Chuck's Coffee shop in Belmont Shore, CA. That's their specialty. It's a scrambled egg with chili, onions, cheese and sause. Chuck (the original) brought the dish fr

Where can you get a weasel?

If you want a weasel as a pet you should be able to get it at a pet store. I wouldn't suggest touching a wild weasel though. However, weasels are illegal in some places.

Does weasel die in the book weasel?

Weasel does die in the book "Weasel" by Cynthia DeFelice. Thecharacter Nathan contemplated killing him, but then decides not to.Weasel dies anyhow.
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Is the weasel family part of the rodent family?

No. Weasels are members of the order Carnivora. Rodents have their own order of Rodentia. Therefore, their families are also different. weasels are members of the family