Is the sacred book of the Muslims is called the Plus?

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No. There is no holy book called "the Plus". Muslims have the Qur'an as their central holy book. They also accept the holiness of the Taurat, Zabur, and Injil, which roughly correspond with the Torah, Psalms, and Gospel (although there are slight differences between the Jewish and Christian versions of these texts).

What is the muslim book called?

The Muslim holy book is called the Qur'an. The holy Qur'an is thelast heavenly book revealed to the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(SAW). It testifies the previous heavenly books

What do Muslims believe is the origin of their sacred book?

Answer 1 I assume that you mean by this sacred book the holy book Quran (or may be spelled as Qura'n, Quraan, Koran, Koraan, Kora'n, Kuran, Kuraan, or Kura'n). Quran is t

What do Muslims believe is the origin of this sacred book?

Orthodox Muslims, both Shiia and Sunni, believe that the Qur'an is preexistent, having been created by al-Ilah even before the world. A minority belief, known as Mutazillism,
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What sacred book is called the Quran?

The holy Qur'an is the last heavenly book revealed to the lastProphet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It testifies the previous heavenlybooks like the Torah, the Zaboor, the Bible and

What is Shia Muslims book called?

their main book is Quran. also Nahj al-Balaghe (collection of sayings of Imam Ali)- brother of Quran and Sahifeh Sajadieh (worships from Imam Sajad)- Sister of Quran als