Is the banana boat song racist?

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A song by a black man based on a traditional song sung by black Jamaicans. Soooo racist. NOT.
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What is Banana boat song about?

This is a song about Jamaicans loading the banana boats and waiting for the 'tally man' to count their load so they could leave and go home.

What is the original banana boat song?

The Answer can be found in the history of Trinidad where the banana boat song was a traditional Jamaican song. They loved The Belafonte version and won't argue about copyright

Is you are A banana a song?

No. You are a Banana is not a song. But there is a song called Do You Want a Banana.

What are racist songs?

akinyele - "put it in your mouth" "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy and the majority of rap.
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What is racist about a White man eating a banana?

An unconfirmed report claims that an American mayor has promised to ban white police officers from eating bananas after an allegation that it is racist. There is nothing to su