Is the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Shia or Sunni?

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Many sources on internet indicate he was Razvi Sayad (syed). Sayad people love sunni and shias as brothers, some like to be called Sunni others like to be called Shia.

Originally Sayad (syed) are from bloodline of Ali, who was married to prophet muhammad's daughter Fatima. (shia believe her to be only daughter while sunni does not).

Most Syed people like to be called muslims. They do not disrespect any other religion neither they are allowed to. However some do send curse to those who were brutal to Prophet Muhammad's family, killing everyone from 6 months baby to women and elders in cold blood. Nonetheless they never name the people, because they believe in peace, nonetheless, can not be said for everyone in shia communities.

Jinnah was at the point if he would have revealed his identity no one would have listened to him, after all he wanted a islamic pakistan for all muslims.

Even today there are controversies whether Musharraf former leader and Butto were Sunnis or shias. Leaders can not show this else people would consider that they will show favoritism to their part of religion.

A true leader see all as one, humanity is first, serve all with justice. No religion tell you to hate or kill people who are not from one's religion.
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Shia or Sunni - All are Muslims. In Pakistan, it is a duty of every individual not to call himself/herself Shia or Sunni. We should say only we are Muslims. We should respect