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Yes. French is an important language in the arts, because of French achievements in architecture, art, dance, literature, and music. It's important in culinary arts, because of French achievements in fine dining and drinks. It's important in diplomacy, because of the historic French involvement with European politics, and with world politics through its far-flung former colonies. It's important in education, because of France's longstanding, old universities. It's important in engineering, because of such French achievements as the Paris subway and the tunnel under the English Channel. It's important in environmental sciences, because of French achievements in gardening and landscaping. It's important in research, especially in history and linguistics, because of such French achievements as the deciphering of the hieroglyphics of ancient, pharaonic Egypt. It's important in science, because of such French achievements as the breakthrough understanding of radiation and radioactivity, and of pasteurization. It's important in sports, because of French achievements in athletics and outdoor activities.
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Why is the French language important?

French is the second most important language in business and in government globally. It is an official language spoken by many leaders in the European Union.

What is French language in French?

La langue française (because the word "language" is feminine). Française is the feminine form, and if you're describing a masculine noun, the adjective would be fr

What is 'your' in the French language?

There are 3 different ways of saying 'your' in French:. . If the object (not person) you're talking about is masculine, you say 'ton'. For example, "J'aime ton livre" (I like

How do you say French in the language of French?

français(e) ------------------------- français (masculine) française (feminine) in french you pronounce words differently depending on if you're a boy or g

What is the most important language to learn in this world English French and Mandarin?

It is hard to say which language is the most important one. Every language has its own value for existing. But with the development of the world now, we know English language

Is French a language?

yes it surely is! It is spoken in the country France, located in Europe. I(sgm3) actually speak it quite fluently as well as Spanish.

What language did the French have?

Before the Roman Empire, the Gauls lives in the area where we find France right now. The Gauls spoke Gallic. Then, the Romans conquered the Gauls, and forced them to speak L

What languages are in the French language?

French language is based on Latin, but was also noticeably influenced by Germanic dialects (The Franks who gave their name to France were a northern Germanic tribe). Occasionn