Is sims 3 ok for ten year olds your daughter wants the computer one?

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I would assume so they blur out people in the shower and people on the toilet, the only thing that i can think of is the relationship side of the game for example there is an option (make a baby) where a guy and a girl disappear under the cover and there is kissing to so its just up to you
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3 year old daughter is humping?

Answer . She is discovering her body, don't worry, but don't scared her, keep an eye on her...and keep her away from older kids or other people that will take advantage of

Is 100 lbs ok for a ten year old girl?

No, that's extremely fat.. no it is not extremely fat, im about to turn 16 in 2weeks and i weigh 145-160. It also depend on your ethnicity and genetics: most black girls tend

If you had a 12 year old daughter and didnt know which computer to buy her between a laptop or a notebook computer which one would you choose?

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You have joint custody with your ten year old daughter father moved to Kansas you live in CA and want to move to OR and he doesn't allow it?

If you have Joint Legal Custody, then neither parent can physically change residences without the approval of the other. If, per the question, the daughter is living with the

Is SIMS 2 OK for 11 years old?

definetly not, that child's mind will be spoiled ther eis some really risky stuff on there, try the sims 1 but i think you can download parental controls for I'm not sure wh

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no you should always take your ten year old with you when your going out. When, your thirteen you can leave them home alone till 3 to 5. There few laws that deal with ages fo

Is sims 3 for 12 year olds?

No. The Sims is rated T for Teen which means 13 years old and older. You can still play it though it's not really violent. Look some videos of sims doing stuff on YouTube to