Is playing runescape on ipad 2 all right?

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Yes, it is possible to play Runescape on an iPad 2. However, in order to run the Java and Flash required for it, you need to install some programs on the iPad. Follow the related link below for more details on how to do that.
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How do you play RuneScape 2?

Playing Runescape can be addicting and fun at the same time. Killing dragons, creating your own house, and casting magical spells at other people are some of the things that y

Where can you play RuneScape 2?

you can only play runescape2 if you are a member if you are then google it. from squid. Add falcon great!! il pwn u all noobs

Playing 2 runescape accounts at once?

This trick used to be possible in the past where you would use two different browsers e.g Firefox and IE but this no longer works due to login updates. This trick works on Fu

Who has all the iPad 2 Apps?

Well I think you should know that not EVERYONE has all the ipad 2 apps, everyone all has different kinds of likes and dislikes... :).

Does the ipad 2 play YouTube videos?

yes all apple products capable of connecting to the internet can play youtube videos, just one tip, make sure you watch your GBs of internet access you have per month because

Where can you play RuneScape 2 online?

You can no longer play Runescape 2, all RS2 accounts wereautomatically converted into Runescape 3 accounts. In the game options you may however select to play in "legacymode,"

Can you play probably runescape for all free?

You can play RuneScape for free, as long as you like. As a non-member, you have certain restrictions. To get a membership, you can either pay with real money, or - a fairly re