Is phantasy star universe on the ps3?

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No only PSP(Sept 2010) and Xbox 360, PC, & PS2(Oct 2006)) PSU: Ambition Illuminus is a sequel for the Oct 2006 platforms (Nov 2007
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Strongest weapon Phantasy Star Universe?

The strongest weapon depends on your character type. I'll answer the best way I can based on my experience. The strongest weapon that I know of for hunter type is the lvl A Ha

Phantasy star universe demo how to make money?

if you know the machine gun glitch(the rapid fireing unlimited ammo glitch) you can do missions alot quicker and if you are higher level you can get more money for missions.Or

How do you pay for phantasy star universe?

To pay for Phantasy Star Universe: 1.Go to game marketplace. 2.Go find Phantasy Star Universe. 3.Go to the right until you find downloads. At the top should say Members