Is neptune a hot or cold planet compared to mars?

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Neptune is much colder than Mars.
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Is Mars cold or hot planet?

Mars is an amazingly freezing cold planet and is to cold for us to live on. It is colder because it is further away from the sun and we can live because we are more closer to

Is Neptune a cold planet?

Neptune is freezing, because it is the furthest planet from the sun. It is around ?218°C.

Is it hot or cold in Neptune?

Neptune is thirty times farther from the Sun than we are, and is so far away that the Sun just looks like a star, so as you can imagine the upper atmosphere is freezing cold -

How cold is planet Neptune?

The planet Neptune, has a minimum temperature of 50 Kelvin, and an average temperature of 53 Kelvin.

Is Neptune cold or hot?

Neptune is very cold on the outside, but deep inside the planet, it's hot! The pressure at the core of Neptune is several million times greater than the pressure at Earths sur

Why is the planet Neptune cold?

Neptune is extremely cold because it is very far from the sun. Neptune, however, generates some of its own heat, unlike Uranus, which has a similar composition.

Why are Pluto and Neptune cold planets?

First of all, Pluto is not a planet. Pluto is a dwarf.. Neptune and Pluto are freezing cold because they are the furthest celestial bodies from the sun. The further a celesti