Is liking another boy cheating on your boyfriend?

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no i dont think it is but if you were to do something with boy you like that would be consider cheat
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What should you do if you are in a relationship but you also like another boy who treats you better than your boyfriend?

Answer . If you really care about your boyfriend and you know he really cares about you, than you shouldn't let another boy come into the picture. If you and your boyfrien

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but you like another boy at the same time without hurting your boyfriends felings?

Answer . It all matters how much you really "like" your boyfriend. In all relationships one or the other is going to want to think about other people that they "like"; but

Is liking another boy cheating?

Not really - one can have many friends and like those friendsequally. That should not be construed as cheating in anybody'smethod of thinking. I think if you like someone and

If you have got a boyfriend but another boy likes you?

well it depends do u like ur bf more or do like the other boy iv been in this situation with my best friend im 14 now and me n him are going out but that meant breaking up wit

Your boyfriend came home smelling like another girl is he cheating?

A. . I would find a perfect time to talk to him and ask him questions. I could ask him (kindly), "I know I'm you're girlfriend, but I thought you were cheating on me when y

What if another boy wants you but you have a boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend and there are guys who want me. There are girls who want my boyfriend. Our relationship is strong enough that, while we can't help but be a little worried t

What should you do if you have a boyfriend you are starting to like another boy?

You should wait it out and see if you really do like the new guy, if you really really do, but still like the guy you're with, I think you should stay with him I've been there

Why do I feel like cheating on my boyfriend?

Usually people feel like cheating on their significant other because they feel there is something lacking in their relationship. This may be that he doesn't give you as much a