Is life insurance necessary for a student loan?

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No, its not necessary. However, it would probably be a good idea to have some life insurance regardless.
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Can you take out a loan on a life insurance policy?

Answer . That depends on the life insurance policy. The policy must be one that builds cash value before a loan can be taken.. Simply, if the policy is a 'term life policy

Do you need life insurance for a sba loan?

Yes. In case anything happens to us, the lending organization would claim the money from the insurance policy instead of troubling our dependent family members to pay off t

Why persistency is necessary in life insurance business?

To answer simply, persistency allows to know the customers retained. Persistency can be calculated in terms of Insurance as . First year persistency(Customers retained aft

Why is it necessary to own life insurance?

Insurance is a tool to prevent financial loss. If there are ones that would be put at a disadvantage because of your loss of income or if you have debts that would cause hards

When is life insurance necessary?

I would say when you die its very necessary for the family/next of kin, so they can pay all your funeral cost and bills you have left. ANSWER: Today's life insurance will pay

Is strictness is necessary in student life?

Yes without strictness the student tends to do what he feels is right, witch in fact may be quite the opposite. For the student to comprehend what is right they should be taug

Can you get a loan on life insurance?

EssentialLife ® Universal Life Insurance: Permanent form of Life coverage that offers a great deal of flexibility to the policy owner. Premium payments may be varied, deat

How do take a loan on your life insurance?

when u first get loan , it has insurance on it, been paying on it til loaner has passed away. does that insurance expires before loan paid off or til it paid off. loaner died

Does life insurance have to be used to pay student loans after a persons death?

It depends on who the insurance policy has named as a beneficiary. If the student is listed as the beneficiary then they can spend it however they like. If the beneficiary is

What is a cash loan from a life insurance policy?

A "cash loan", as you have called it, is a loan based upon the cashvalue of a whole life insurance policy. Only whole life insurancepolicies (not term policies) accumulate cas