Is jello heterogeneous?

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If it has fruit or chunks of other stuff in it, then it is heterogeneous. If its just pure jello, its a homogeneous mixture.
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What is jello made of?

Answer The gelatin comes from the marrow of animal bones. The same thing seen in a pan that has cooked a turkey or ham. The heat allows the gelatin to escape from the meat a

What is heterogeneous?

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is not evenly mixed. Heterogeneity (the noun) means the opposite of homogeneity, which means "uniformly distributed".

What is heterogenous?

Heterogeneous, in biology, refers to a substance originatingoutside of the body. This isn't to be confused with heterogeneous,which is a term in chemistry meaning that a mixtu

What is in Jello?

Once made up, Jello consists of water, gelatin, artificial flavors and colours and sweeteners.

Is Jello vegetarian?

NO. Jello is not vegetarian. It has gelatin in it, which is boiled animal bones and hooves. There is vegetarian version of jello made from agar.

How does jello jellotize?

through the magic of dessert me :) It's called protein kelation and coagulation.....Think of it like this Bunch of strings, when they're hot they're like noodles, they'

What is heterogenity?

Heterogeneity refers to how heterogeneous a mixture is.Heterogeneous mixtures are uniform and completely combined. Theheterogeneity of a mixture describes how uniform the mixt

What is heterogeneous-?

In chemistry, heterogeneous means composed of different substancesor the same substance in different phases, as solid ice and liquidwater.