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What is jello made of?

Answer The gelatin comes from the marrow of animal bones. The same thing seen in a pan that has cooked a turkey or ham. The heat allows the gelatin to escape from the meat and

What is in Jello?

Once made up, Jello consists of water, gelatin, artificial flavors and colours and sweeteners.

What is a colloid?

A type of solution of intermediate sized particles suspended and completely dispersed in another substance. Because the particles are not completely dissolved (although disper

What are colloids?

A colloid is a type of mechanical mixturewhere one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. The particles of the dispersed substance are only suspended in the mixture

Where did jello originate?

   i believe it was oriiginated in new york but im not shureee but i am shure tht i like mexican boy and we was holding hands this morning i was like awwww well im sorry

Is Jello vegetarian?

NO. Jello is not vegetarian. It has gelatin in it, which is boiled animal bones and hooves. There is vegetarian version of jello made from agar.

What does a colloid do?

A colloid is defined as a substance that is microscopically  dispersed in another substance. Colloids are gels, sols, and  emulsions. The particles do not settle and will no

What makes a colloid a colloid?

A colloid is a substance that has tiny particles that do not settle. These particles are large enough to reflect light, therefore the substance's color is shown. An example ma

Is salt water aluminum muddy water water tea iron sugar jello gold table salt and Italian salad dressing a pure substance suspension colloid or solution?

Salt water and table salt +water are the same thing- a solution. Aluminum, gold and iron are all elements (pure substances) and can not be broken down. Jello is a colloid.