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Is it true that during menopause women face pigmentation?

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Yes, skin pigmentation does occur due to hormonal changes and during menopause there is a lot of hormonal changes in the body that could lead to patchy skin and other issues. So its best to get it treated immediately.
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What age do women have menopause?

Generally 47-55 years, some earlier and some later. It is different for each woman and lasts 1-5 years. When a woman runs out of eggs, she no longer needs to menstruate. Then

Why do I get an extremely red face during aerobic exercise Is it menopause related?

  Becoming "flushed", or red faced, is a normal part of the body's cooling mechanism. When we exercise we produce extra heat (burn calories), and the body has to cool itse

When do women menopause?

Women go through through menopause when their body runs out of eggs to fertilize, and their periods cease. Since everybody has their own biological clock, it happens to differ

How does fertilization occur in menopause women?

if they are going through menopause, then they shouldn't be trying to conceive. The woman's body is at the end of her child bearing days. Menopause means your ovaries stopped

How do menopause women lose weight?

Menopause does not cause weight gain. Therefore, menopausal women would lose weight the same as non-menopausal women: through lowering caloric intake.

How can acupuncture help menopausal women?

has been used for many menopausal symptoms, including insomnia, hot flashes, and irregular periods. Practitioners believe that acupuncture can facilitate the opening of blocke

How can biofeedback help menopausal women?

a painless technique that helps a person train her mind to control her body. A biofeedback machine provides information about body processes (such as heart rate) as the woman
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What does a women feel in menopause?

Technically, you don't actually "hit" menopause until it's been one year since your final menstrual period. In the United States, that happens at about age 51, on average. But
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Can a women age 33 get menopause?

33 would be VERY young, Typicaly we think of early onset perimenopause as mid 40's and menopause is at an average of 51 in the US. If you are having symptoms at 33 you should