Is it safe to eat avocado seeds?

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If you gently roast it, the bitterness goes away and the toasted "nut" tastes very much like a peanut. Here in the San Francisco Bay area we have Bay Trees, the source of the bay leaf used in seasoning. The fruit is identical in structure to the avocado. It is smaller with a very thin layer of yellow green flesh. . .much the likeness of the Pinkerton avocado. The original residents of the area, the Indians, harvested the Bay fruit and roasted it as a regular part of their diet.
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Can you eat an avocado seed?

Yes, but they don't taste very good. There are mildly unpleasant chemicals in the pit, but unless someone is allergic, it is unlikely that he would react because it would take

Are dark areas on avocado safe to eat?

Yes, they are safe to eat. Just like when an apple slice has been left out turns brown, avocado exposed to air turns brown as well. Try to consume your avocado the same day yo

Is it safe to eat avocado pits?

Avocado pits are not poisonous to humans. The pits are often usedto produce avocado oil and are blended and eaten by some raw foodenthusiasts. However, avocado pits are poison

Is it safe to eat the seeds of a marrow?

I have never eaten marrow seeds myself (yet) but they are widely eaten in parts of Central and South America where they are eaten raw, roasted and fried.

Can one roast and eat an avocado seed?

Yes, you can slice and roast an avocado seed (pit), but, due to its bitter taste, the seed should then be ground and added to other foods, such as smoothies, to disguise the t
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Can you safely eat apple seeds?

Eating apple seeds is not good for you. Apple seeds, along with many other seeds, contain cyanide. Cyanide is a deadly poison that breaks the blood vessels in your lungs, caus