Is it safe to eat a week old roast beef sandwich?

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No, opened or prepared food should be consumed 48 hrs after the day of production, some foods can be longer, but a week will make you ill, especially meat, fish, dairy or rice products :o)
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How many calories in a roast beef sandwich?

There are about 50 calories per ounce in roast beef. It depends on how many ounces of beef you use on your sandwich. No not 50 calories it is 400 calories in a roast beef

Is it safe to eat cooked ham and roast beef that was left out of the fridge all night?

No. It is not safe to eat meat that was left out all night. Unless it was 40°F where the meat was left.. Potentially hazardous food should not be left at room temperature

Can hamsters eat roast beef?

It's probably not good for them, although hamsters can eat ham (my hamster enjoys it) and chicken, it's not reccomended you feed them large amounts, just a tiny bit; about wha

Do cats eat roast beef?

depends. Would you give it to them. I would just stick with the fake fish cat food.

Who invented roast beef sandwich?

In the 1700's John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich (a place in England) was playing cards and didn't want to have to stop to eat a proper meal, so he had a servant bring him a p

How do you eat roast beef?

It can be served hot or cold. You can eat it as a main dish with vegetables or sliced on a sandwich. You can cut it into 1 inch cubes and add vegetable and broth and make a so