Is it safe for baby to eat biltong?

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It must be safe, otherwise our grandparents would not give it to their grand children.
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Is airline babyfood safe for babies to eat?

Airline babyfood . Presumably it is safe, or else you'd be reading about multi-million dollar lawsuits against the industry.. What airlines offer baby food? My experience

Is it safe to eat shrimp whilst pregnant if the baby might be allergic to shrimp?

shrimp while pregnant . no. definatley not. if there are any possibility of allergies stay clear of them.. There are certain fish food's you cannot eat while your pregnant

What is biltong?

A biltong is a snack that originated in South Africa nearly 400years ago. Although similar to American jerky, this type of driedmeat is thicker and cured differently. It is ma

Can i eat Biltong during pregnancy?

I did not know what biltong was but after researching it (and correct me if I'm wrong) it's raw , dried beef that is smoked . I would think because it is raw that you should a

How do you make biltong?

Ok. This will be very quick and basic ,but will have you as happy as ever with the results. I was born in Pretoria, South Africa so i have been surrounded by biltong my whole

How do you have a baby safely?

\nprenatal care is key. Remember having a baby is a natural thing, but have emergency care close by because the birth rarely goes as planned. Have someone with you who can b

Is eating baby power safe?

Well that's a bit strange but ok. I have seen no evidence that it can be harmful. Although i do not recommend letting small children ingest it as it could irritate the lungs a
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Is biltong bad for you?

No biltong is not bad for you and in fact it makes you eat less. This is pure protein that you are eating, meaning it keeps you full and keeps you away from those snack times

Is it safe to eat orphan babies?

As I said before I was wrongly blocked: Troll go away! does not welcome internet trolls. I don't believe for a second you truly believe you can EAT BABIES and ther