Is it ok to give Melatonin to a 18 month old baby to help the baby sleep?

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There will be no short term side affects to this, but long term you will mess up your child's ability to properly produce melatonin. Melatonin is produced by our brains, and when you supplement it you cause your body to stop producing it and create a dependency.

Try cutting your baby's naps short, or keeping him/her awake through their last nap. Make sure that you don't feed baby sugary foods with dinner, as that will also keep them awake. Make sure they have a full tummy and aren't thirsty before putting them to bed also. My baby wakes up if he kicks his socks off because his toes are cold, so maybe try sleepers with feet, or if your baby is waking up sweaty, try a light weight cotton sleeper.
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