Is it normal to lose taste on the tip of your tongue after a piercing and is this permanent?

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Losing Taste After a Piercing I Think You Should Visit A Piercer Or Ask A Doctor About That, Ive Never Herd Of It Doing That. New Answer Headline I just got my tongue done about 5 days ago, and for a bit you might notice some loss of taste on the tip of the tongue. Ive got a bit of that right now too. give it time. maybe about 2 or 3 weeks and it should go back to normal. worse comes to worse, see a doctor about it.
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Is it normal for the tip of your tongue to go numb after a piercing?

No way that's nerve damage for your own sake get it removed immediately. Get to the doctor now . I am one. _________ One thing the "doctor" didn't think of is trauma. Sometime

Can you get a permanent lisp from a tongue piercing?

\n. \n Permanent Lisp from Piercing? \n. \n. \nno it can heal. Answer . A person tends to adjust when they add objects or take objects away from the mouth. Unless

Is puss normal after you get your tongue pierced?

yh don't worry about it i got ym tongue pierced about a month ago and the first 10 days i had puss coming out but don't worry because when you get your downsize it stops. k.

Is numbness at the tip of your tongue normal after a tongue piercing?

Well generally with the post piercing swelling, it's hard to tell what is considered normal. In a standard center line tongue piercing, placed approx 3/4" back from the tip of

Tongue piercing can you talk normal after that?

Once the swelling goes down ( about two weeks ) you should be able to talk fairly well. I would recommend getting the step down barbell once the swelling has eased, this will

What is it called when you get the tip of your tongue pierced?

"Stupid", it's a stupid piercing and I will explain why. Experienced Professional body piercers will not pierce the tip of the tongue for many reasons all of them safety or he
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Is it normal for the tip of the tongue hurt?

No it is not normal for the tip of the tongue or any part of the tongue to hurt. If it does hurt you should see your doctor or dentist right away. Most doctors will fit you in