Is it illegal for a credit repair lawyer to take bad credit off of your credit record?

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The credit repair industry is regulated by the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which is an amendment/addition to the Consumer Credit Protection Act. There are many activies which are illegal under this statute. Why not read the text yourself at It is always best to have an understanding of the laws yourself than to rely on someone else's opinion. Answer NO it is NOT illegal to remove accurate information form ones credit file- if you read the NEW Fair credit and reporting act it clearly states " a credit reporting agency is not required to remove accurate information from a consumers file.." Notice it doesnt not say "CANT". it says "not required"
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How do you repair bad credit?

Fix Bad Credit 1. DELETE COLLECTION ACCOUNTS Did you know that paying a collection account can actually reduceyour score? Here's why: credit scoring software reviews credi

How can you repair your credit after charge offs?

Building back good credit requires patience and time. If you can, get a secured or unsecured credit card. Use it to make small purchases and pay the balance each month. Kee

Is credit repair illegal?

Credit repair is LEGAL. You may have heard some mention that credit repair is actually illegal; but the fact of the matter is there is nothing illegal about credit repair and

How can I repair bad credit from a bankruptcy?

Basically, and believe it or not, bankruptcy is not the end of the world for credit. I remember before I knew about Credit that I must have bad credit because I was lat

How long does it take to repair credit?

Hello It can take up to a year , sometimes less, depends on how much you do and how close you keep in contact with the BIG 3 We can do it in about 45 days in

How do credit repair companies repair bad credit?

Credit repair companies repair bad credit by using the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute negative items that are on your credit reports. This can be done by anyone, but has

What can bad credit repair do to your score?

A credit repair company shouldn't be able to hurt your credit score, but you may end up paying money without any improvement in your credit score either. To ensure your credit

How do you get bad credit off your credit report?

You pull your credit report at credit report .com and as long as it has been seven years you can go online to dispute it. It should say dispute just push the button or call to

Who can you call to get bad credit taking off?

If you know what you're doing you may contact the 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) directly. You may also need to contact the Original creditors, collectio

How long will it take for bad credit to be taken out of your record?

The date when the derogatory account is going to be removed from your credit report is known as the FCRA Compliance Date. Most derogatory accounts remain on your credit rep

Can a lawyer get a repossession off your credit?

If the account contains any incorrect, incomplete, misleading, erroneus, or misleading information, the repossession may be deleted from your credit report. But you do not nee
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What services does Credit Repair Lawyers offer?

Credit repiar lawers assist in cedit repair helping clients impelment steps to up their credit score, helping clients with debt settlement, defends clients in debt collector l