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Is it good to itemise deductions on tax returns and when can an individual itemise the deductions?

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ON a federal return the standard deduction for 2005 is $ 5,000.00 and single, $10,000 married filing joint and $7,300.00 for head of household. You would have to have more this for it to help. State vary by states. So, if your intemized deductions are more than the base amount for the year given to anyone, it is better to do so.
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Is sales tax deductible from 2007 tax returns?

Sales tax is deductible as an itemized deduction (Schedule A), however you can deduct EITHER:   -Sales Tax Paid   -State income taxes paid   Obviously you would want

Can you deduct meals on tax returns?

No personal expenses are deductible on your tax returns.   And in fact, even a business is highly restricted and cannot take a full expense on many meals it provides for em

What are after tax deductions?

Those are amounts taken out of your paycheck that do not reduce the amount of tax you have to pay on your salary.

What can you deduct on your tax return?

Go to www.irs.gov and use the search box for Tax Topics - Topic 500 Itemized Deductions The following topics are found in the category of Itemized Deductions. Each topic is fo

Can you deduct union dues on your tax return?

Yes you can if you itemize your deductions. Union dues are  deductible as a Job Expense which is located on Schedule A of the  Form 1040 of your Federal Income Tax Return.

Do you take maximum deductions tax returns?

Maximizing deductions is a way to get a large refund but can also raise red flags with the IRS, if the deductions dont make sense for the filer. Careful documentation is also


I don't know anything about your tax return but I can say that if  you have a personal tax return and purchases from Lowes that you  refer to are for normal maintenance of y