Is it better to go walking before you eat or after you eat?

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For light exercise such as walking, it really shouldn't matter. Being completely starved when walking isn't much fun at all, but assuming you're well energized, walking before isn't going to create any problems. Unless you happen to consume a huge meal, it's unlikely you'll cramp doing something as light as walking, so walking after isn't a problem either. I'm sure some arguments about metabolism and weight loss will be made, but overall, it's just good to be somewhat active, whether or not it's the most perfectly optimum calorie burning activity.
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Is it better to exercise before eating or after eating?

It is better if you eat before because when you exercise you just burn the fat right off. You should eat a small snack for fuel, like a apple or protein bar. By the time you d

Is it better to eat before or after a workout?

You need to consumer some carbs and a bit of protein before a workout to have enough energy to complete the workout, but not so much to weigh you down. You should also hydrate

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well, i would recommend to not eat right b4 you start a workout or else you can get sick, and don't start pigging out after working out either. i think its best to just eat a

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you should walk your dog after they eat, so once they eat they can go for a walk and let it all out... dogs often like to go for a walk after they eat because they are full an

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If you are walking for weight loss, ideally it's best to easy RUN OR JOG before your first meal of the day. Then after your meal 10-30 minute walk. If your job work consists o

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that's depends on what you are asking if you are about to have your baby i do not recommend that you eat anything because your waste might come out while your pushing and you

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It is unadvisable to go out with the attention of getting drunk. See "Binge Drinking". Nevertheless, eating before will soak up some of the alcohol, lessening its effect, and

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You should have a light snack about 30 minutes before any exercise. Fruit and yogurt is always a good choice, but you should definitely eat something or you will not have the
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Eat after swimming, you will build up a appetite and its better foryour body, if you must eat something before then make it a lightsnack. If you eat then swim it will leave yo