Is it bad to drink NyQuil just to go to sleep?

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The active ingredient in Nyquil is a common antihistamine that chears the head and promotes sleep. An occasional use to help one sleep is not a big deal. However, the chemical is not without its side effects, and no sleep aid should be used regularly. Otherwise one may become unable to sleep without help.

The best natural aids to sleep are exercise, good nutrition (including a small high-protein snack before bedtime), avoiding caffeine for 6 hours before bedtime and getting to bed at the same time every night. Meditation can help calm a busy mind, too.
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Why do people drink NyQuil?

They hopefully only use it for the approved uses on the label: for cough and cold symptoms. To use any over the counter medicine for uses or in ways not described on the label

Is it bad to go to sleep with makeup on?

If you're just taking a short nap, no you can leave your makeup on. And every once in a while it won't hurt you...but if you do it every night you'll break out in zits.

Can an alcoholic drink go bad?

well it depends on how much alcohol is in it but it can definitely go bad. it can affect your lungs then possibly get cancer or die

Which is better to drink Robitussin or NyQuil?

It depends on your symptoms. NyQuil has 3 ingredients that includes what robitussin has. So if you take NyQuil u r covering all bases. NyQuil will help u sleep better also

Why do you jump just before you go to sleep?

When a person jumps in their sleep, these movements are calledmyoclonic twitches, and it's theorized that these are caused by abody that relaxes too quickly or a brain that is
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I don't think so, most of the time I feel better after sleeping well. Unless the thing that made you angry did something really bad, of course.