Is gunpowder an element compound or mixture?

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Gun powder is a mixture
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Is plastic a mixture compound or element?

No, it's none of those things. "Plastic" really means "capable of being shaped or molded". Most people use the term "plastic" to refer to what a chemist would call a "polyme

Is soap a compound mixture or an element?

Soap is a compound mixture, an element cannot be broken down into smaller parts. Soap can be broken down into the parts that made it. Elements are pure.

Is dirt a element mixture or compound?

Dirt is a mixture. Only what appears on the periodic table are elements, and as dirt is a combination of many things it has no single chemical composition so it is not a compo

Is NO a mixture compound or element?

Nitrogen oxide is a compound because it is an atom of Nitrogen and an atom of Oxygen bonded together. It is not a mixture or just a single element.