Is gross pronounce as gross income?

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Is gross sales the same as gross income?

They are not the same, although they can be.. Gross sales are just what it says...sales before any adjustments.. Gross income would include ALL income from all sources. You

What is gross income?

In almost all cases, this is your "total" (or gross) income, before taxes or other with-holdings. If you are paid hourly, this is your total hours worked x rate of pay.

What is the difference between true gross income and gross income?

Gross pay is equal to your salary minus any automatic (non-taxable) deductions such as health insurace and 401K deductions. . True Gross pay equals your total salary. . Exam

What is the gross income of the NBA?

Statista reports the National Basketball Association generatedabout $4 billion dollars in revenue within one season. Each teamfranchise brings in about $123 million or higher

Why are gross income and adjusted gross income different?

Gross Income- The Internal Revenue Code defines gross income as "except as otherwise provided..., all income from whatever source derived." The "except as otherwise provided"

What is the difference between adjusted gross income and gross income?

Gross income on the 1040 income tax return is the total amounts of all of your worldwide taxable income added together that is on page 1 line 22 Total Income of the 1040 tax f

What is an obstetrician's gross income?

As of 2010, In the USA the annual median Obstetrician Salary is $248,000. The lower end 10% is around $101,000 annually. The upper end 10% is around $350,000 annually.

Is gross income monthly or weekly?

It can be what ever period that your gross earnings are calculated for monthly, weekly, annual and when you are working on completing your income tax return correctly you woul

What is the gross income of 218?

IF your NET take home paycheck was 218 after all of the necessary withholding deductions that your employer payroll department was required to withhold from your gross pay. In