Is goat milk good for skin?

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Yes, goat milk soap is great for your skin! Most any homemade and handcrafted soap is good for your skin, but when goat milk is added to the ingredient mix, then you have got a really special soap.

Goat milk soap:

1. Helps repair dry and cracked skin.
2. Will help rid your skin of dead skin cell build up.
3. Will nourish and heal skin that is affected by eczema, psoriasis and many other dermal problems.
4. Will help maintain healthy skin all year round.

Goat milk adds the creamy richness of the milk fats, selenium, and vitamins A & E that all nourish and repair human skin.

We handmake natural goat milk hand soap and body wash on our farm. If you would like, check out our article on the benefits of goat milk soap that is on our Birkat Adonai Farm website.
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Is goat soap good for the skin?

Yes, it provides the skin with the needed nutrients to decrease the effects of dry skin. Most goat soap is natural and fantastic for sensitive skin.

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