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Is coffee high in uric acid?

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No food/drink contains uric acid. Its produced from the metabolism of purines taken through diet in the body, purines coming from animal food products for example
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Are peanuts high in uric acid?

No peanuts are among the lowest in purine content, Purine content being the producer of uric acid in the body. Total Purines in mg uric acid/100 g (Average), peanut 79 Min

Is bread high in uric acid?

The yeast in bread is fairly high in purines whic are metabolised into uric acid in the blood.

Is chicken high in uric acid?

Chicken is moderately high in purines which is the component of food originating from living cells that result in the production of Uric acid Chicken (breast with skin) (Ave

Does coffee high in uric acid?

Because coffee is made from living cells it has purines which are responsible for the production of uric acid. However drinking coffee is nut a serious uric acid producer.

Is chili high in uric acid?

Chili is a vegetable and like most vegetables is on the low end of purine content. Purines are what the body metabolizes into uric acid.

What are the food high in uric acid?

sea foods, offal meats like kidney brains and other organs, red meats, followed by other meats, legumes. the foods are not actually high in uric acid they are high in purines