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Is cocoa butter moisturizer good for black tribal tattoo?

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Is Hollywood beauty cocoa butter good?

  YES! USE HOLLYWOOD COCOA BUTTER!!!!   yes. i would HIGHLY recommend it! it's the other thing i use to condition my skin. it may take some getting used to a creme th

What is in cocoa butter?

Answer   Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is the pale-yellow, pure edible vegetable fat of the cacao bean. It is the substance used to make solid chocolate bars.

What tattoo would go good with your tribal sun tattoo?

  Well, depending on how you got this done, its a pretty cool design, so i would say anything with a tribal background, such as a sword and or a coi fish with a wave backg

Can you use cocoa butter with shea moisturizer on your tattoo?

You can use Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter, they are both very good for aftercare. Many people are using the wrong aftercare these days. Many people are still using petrolium bas

Does cocoa have butter in it?

No, cocoa is a powdery substance extracted from the cacao bean, and  butter is a dairy product from cows. however, a syrup-ish solution  called "cocoa butter" is from the fa

Is cocoa butter good to fade bruises?

Cocoa butter really does not do much to fade a bruise. The best way  to fade a bruise is to apply cold packs for the first 48 hours (to  help it stop bleeding under your ski