Is big bang molecules are of atoms?

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Molecules did not exist at the time of the Big Bang and not even in the immediate time after. To make molecules one needs atoms but it took about 370.000 years after the Big Bang for the temperature had dropped enough for atoms to be stable.
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When was the Big Bang?

The current estimate for the initial expansion of the universedubbed "The big bang" occurred about 13.7 billion years ago.

How long after the big bang did atoms form?

the theory states that atoms formed during the big bang (like right as the big bang happened) Protons and neutrons were allowed to form about one second after the Big Bang.

Did the big bang make a bang?

actually, no! The Big Bang is just the event that created the universe. It couldn't have made a sound, because sound didn't exist back then.. Answer. No, in space, sound can

What banged in earths big bang?

The "big bang" predated the Earth by about 8 billion years. The biggest bang that the Earth had was with a sister planet about 4.7 billion years ago which resulted in the fo

Why were there no atoms around after the big bang?

The energy of the universe was too high for matter to exist. After some of the fundamental forces broke apart, due to the cooling caused by the expansion of the universe, it

Does your body contain atoms which were once made in the Big Bang?

Atoms did not come into being until Recombination, which occurred about 377,000 years after the Big Bang. Hadrons and leptons -- the building blocks of atoms -- came into bein

First atomic matter to form after the big bang?

That would have been predominantly hydrogen and helium, with trace amounts of lithium and beryllium. We see these ratios in the spectroscopic analysis of light from the most d

Did atoms cause the 'big bang'?

No. If the theory is correct, then the big bang caused atoms.

How do hydrogen atoms form helium atoms after the big bang?

By a nuclear fusion reaction: H + H + 2n ==>> He Yes, this is true. I want, here, to put it into a better picture for common folk. This Bang is similar to the nuclear furnac

Why did the big bang occur if there were no atom to make heat?

Nobody knows. "Why" questions about the Big Bang tend to be unanswerable. There are some theories, but we may very well never know which if any of them is correct. I agree b

Did the Big-bang occur because of explosion of supernova star or a small mass of atom?

No one really knows the cause of the big bang as we cannot see any further back than the 3K microwave blackbody radiation, when matter and energy decoupled about 1 to 2 billio
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What atomic nuclei were formed in the big bang?

Hydrogen, helium, and a small amount of lithium. If the BB is an accurate description of the early existence our Universe, then the ratio of hydrogen to helium to deuterium w
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Was complete atoms formed 1 second after the big bang?

There is a good graphic of the timeline for the Big Bang under Graphical Timeline of the Big Bang in This suggests the atoms started to become common about 3

Did the big bang start with a bang?

The universe began at what is called the Planck Era when timewas smallest unit of time which is 1.35 x's 10 -43 of 1 second andlasted until time was 10 -36 second so Planck er