Is art music dead?

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Is Art Spiegelman dead?

Born in 1948, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and author is certainly still alive. And kicking. But he should watch out for those cigarettes!

What is art music?

Art music is music written for a non musical idea. Another answer: Art music is music which has been created with an aesthetic objective: to express the artist's creativit

What is the art of music?

the thing is that music is the biggest art because it is so much easier to give emotion through music, a painting needs to have a perfect focus or touch in it but music can br

Why are music is an art?

Music is a art because you improvise* in it, and it can make you feel happy, or sad, or really angry. Art can do that to, depending on the colors and the picture. *Improvise m

What does art music and popular music have in common?

While music is an art, many people are ignorant to the fact that music has three broad genre's that are: Art, Folk, and Popular. Art music and popular music share similaritie

Musical composition in honor of dead?

If you're asking what type of musical composition honors the dead, that would be a Requiem, or Requiem mass. This music is the most common at funerals but not exclusive to the

Is rock music dead?

no in my opinion if all kids in my generation got together and all made rock bands it would be popular. people have forgotten rock music and just need to be reminded. rap/hip

What is the music in Shaun of the Dead called?

There are several pieces of music in Shaun of the Dead. However the most famous one, and my personal favourite, is Don't Stop me Now. This is on as they are in the Winchester

What is music exclusively the art of?

Music started a long time ago, long before recorded history. During the Renaissance, a period of time when art, writing, and music were all further developed, it gained promin
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Is indie music dead?

No, because Indie can never live. If it lives, then it isn't independent anymore (Indie).

Is art music church music?

Art music is any music that is not jazz, rock or pop music. It is what most people consider classical music, and includes almost all music from before the 1900s, and any orche
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Can dead people enjoy music?

Probably not. But since it's kinda hard to interview dead people and get reliable answers, no one really knows. If we really are more than our bodies - maybe.