Is an antique Chinese lion dance head worth anything?

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sure to the collector. Alot of the makers of this lion heads no longer are alive. there even is a web sight that can restore this vintage lion heads to there former glory. "Of course lion source" at Alot of these old lion heads are full of detail that cannot be found today. provides many unique lion heads too, such as Zhong Wu Yan lion double faces lion and luminous lion, very delicate. I am one of their fans.

Lion dance heads are around $1,500 USD in some places.

Like any antique, there are mitigating circumstances.
1) History of the head-did it belong to anyone in particularly famous.
of course you have to have to have someone certify it.
2) Its uniqueness compared to others
3) Is it in good condition
4) Is it in its original mint condition (not altered or repaired
5) How old it is
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