Is a star bigger than a universe?

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no, the universe is bigger than a star. Obviously, the sun (a star) is in our solar system, which there are many stars in our galaxy, and many galaxies in our universe, there may be more that one universe contained in what I choose to call 'Infinity'.
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Is the galaxy bigger than the universe?

The word "universe" means "all space, all time, and everything in them". It's the concept that includes everything, and bigger than which nothing is.

Is there anything bigger than the universe?

No, the universe is everything in existence, meaning that nothing but the universe can exist, making it the biggest thing in the universe.

Is space bigger than the universe?

The universe is made up of space. Space as we know it is expanding into something... What that something is has not been defined. Space as we know it apparently has form and

Whats bigger than the universe?

"Universe" means "all the space and time that ever was, is, and will be". So nothing is bigger than the universe. (However, a grain of sand is bigger than nothing . . .

Is the biggest star in the universe bigger than your solar system?

Maybe. The biggest known star is way past the orbit of Jupiter (Source for everything-Science Channel: How The Universe Works; Extreme Stars) . note: Biggest star is said t

Are there stars in the universe that are bigger than your entire galaxy?

None that we know of. The Milky Way is a bit larger than the average galaxy, with somewhere between 500 billion to a trillion stars (it's difficult to know, because there are

Are there stars in the universe that are bigger than the entire Milky Way?

That's thought to be unlikely. The largest star known of so far is VY Canis Majoris, whose radius could be 2,100 times the sun's radius. If it were located in place of th