Is Variable whole life insurance a good investment?

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When making a decision about an investment I would always reccommend you look at guarantees! Whole life....Guaranteed. Variable Whole Life.....? If you are going to make investments in variable then why would you not buy Mutual Funds? You still need life insurance for protection and as a plan of completion, I would just look closely at Variable. EVERYONE needs whole life.
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What is variable life insurance?

%REPLIES%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \n. \nVariable life insurance differs from whole life insurance and universal life insurance in that policy owners direct the distr

What is variable universal life insurance?

Variable universal life insurance combines the flexibility of auniversal life insurance with the investment account features of avariable life insurance. Like variable life in

Can you cash whole life insurance in?

You can but make sure it is the correct thing to do. Once cashed it you can never get it back. Depending on your age (over 45) and the policy value, you may get more money by

How much is whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance varies in cost just like term insurance. The additional factor that goes into whole life's cost is that there is cash accumulation and it the extra money

Why is whole life insurance not the best insurance to have?

Whole life insurance is not necessarily bad but it may not be right for you as it can be substantially more expensive than a term insurance. If you need life insurance but don

Why is Saga insurance a good investment?

Saga Insurance is a good investment. Seniors and older people may find that a fixed income investments comes with less financial risk. It allows them to have a fixed monthly i

What is term and whole life insurance?

Term insurance is written for a specific period of time or until an age certain (the term). It may be for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or it may be until age 60, 65, 70, etc. At

What is a whole life insurance policy?

A whole life insurance is also referred to as "permanent insurance". Unlike term insurance, which stays in effect for a stated period of years, whole life, based upon the accu

What is the best life insurance to invest in?

Life insurance is not an investment. It shouldn't be thought of as an investment. It's a financial product that pays a death benefit. There's choices on how you can finance th

Is life insurance an investment?

The is more than one kind of life insurance. Term life insurance expires at the end of its term period and is not an investment. Its sole purpose to provide protection for you

Is CMFG Whole Life Insurance a solid investment?

No life insurance is a solid investment. Life insurance is a valuable tool, but it's an EXPENSE. Whole life insurance is a pricey expense. It's great for the insurance company

What are the benefits of investing in a whole life insurance plan?

Whole life Insurance Plans has many benefits such as they give acover up to 99 years of age. The policy holder can participate inthat company's profit through increase in Sum