Is Stephen Hawking smart?

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Benny Ben Monessa answers - What she/he said is very wrong. Hawking is one of the smartest people in this planet, he went to many colleges and educational schools. Stephen Hawking also was a true professor at math physics. And the people who think hes dumb. Just know matter how much colleges you go to you will never be as smart as Professor Hawking!! EVER!!!!

Other persons answer - No he is one of the dumbest people on the planet. This makes 100% no sense
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Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking is brilliant man probably the smartest in theworld. He has done amazing things such as he has a Ph.D. inphysics. and Dr. Hawking has researched black holes. Hi

What does Stephen Hawking do?

He is a world renowned scientist, but unfortunantely he is wheel chair bound and unable to speak. he is on a wheel chair and can't speak because of the disease ALS of most c

Who is Stephen hawking and what did he do?

Stephen Hawking is British. and one of the world's leading physicists and cosmologists. He has made numerous important contributions to those sciences, and is a leader in the

Was Tony Hawk smart?

Yes he was very smart actually he was so smart he did bad and then his parents were worrying so they made him take a test and his IQ was several grades higher than expected an

How smart is Stephen Hawking?

Many many times clever than you or I, Despite having the worst illness known to mankind he still has managed to become a house hold name purely due to academic research....

What is Stephen Hawking?

Professor Stephen Hawking is a famous scientist in the field of Theoretical Physics, most notable for his work in helping to understand black holes. He has difficulty communic